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At The Old School trading Post we offer a variety of bows to suit your needs. From modern compound to traditional bows, as well as crossbows and bow fishing bows we have you covered. Have questions or just want to chat about archery? Stop in and we will be glad to help.

At The Old School Trading Post Sullivan location we offer a variety of both Traditional and compound bows. If you are looking for a bow we would love to help. Stop in and see us or send us a message through the contact us tab on this page. Or just give us a call.

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    The Old School Trading Post offers a variety of crossbows. We often have trade in bows as well as new crossbows. We have several great options for your crossbow needs. Stop in and let us fit the right one for you.

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    We have a great selection of bowfishing supplies from most of the top brands. We carry bows, reels, arrows, rests, and more.

19 October 2021, 1:40 pm

Perfecting Your Mental Strategy for Archery

Preparing for competition goes well beyond physical exercise, working on your form, and fine-tuning your bow. For 99% of archers on the shooting line, knowing how to manage the mind in competition will make a big difference. However, you must practice and rehearse this as much as you practice shooting your bow. The first step […]